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Lost Lake Nature Park

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve  partnered with the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation commission to support Lost Lake Nature Park in it's educational programing.

Oakland Township Parks and Recreation and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve have partnered to bring Oakland Township residents and others exciting programs at Lost Lake Nature Park! Family, friends and neighbors are invited to explore themed indoor and outdoor activities at any of these FREE drop in events, with no pre-registration required. 

Open House events occur every 2nd Saturday & 4th Sunday of the month!*

Saturday, September 10 & Sunday, September 25 12-3 pm- How to Deal With Cold

On Saturday, September 10 Migration is the topic. Outside we’ll play Migration Headache. Inside you can make a magnetic flight path map and discover reasons to migrate. Sunday, September 25 is about those animals that have adaptations for the cold. Experiment to discover whose fur is the warmest. Play a hibernation habitat game, create a magnet of a hibernating animal, & look for signs of animals preparing for winter.

Saturday, October 8 & Sunday, October 23 12-3 pm- Zombies & Aliens

Search for alien invaders on Saturday October 8, as we hike with an eye out for invasive species. Explore some of the stranger invasive species found in Michigan under the microscope. Join us on Sunday October 23 as we explore viruses and parasites that zombify their hosts. Design and sculpt your own zombie parasite to take home. Search for zombie caterpillars in a scavenger hunt around the meadow.

Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 27 12-3 pm- Furry Fall Friends

Oh, deer! On Saturday, November 12 we’ll look for whitetail deer on the trail, see biofacts from the entire deer family, and make an antler headband to wear home. Sunday, November 27 will feature squirrels. Try to talk to a squirrel on the trail with a squirrel call, see tree & ground squirrels up close, and make a squirrel out of acorns.

Saturday, December 10 & Sunday, December 18 12-3 pm- Animal Artisans

On Saturday, December 10 we prove that people aren’t the only animals that create. Learn about animals that make weavings & pottery. We’ll gather some natural materials on a hike before going inside to make a natural weaving of our own. Animals that build and carve with wood will be the topic on Sunday, December 18. Discover the works of woodpeckers, beavers, and carpenter ants. Make a wooden ornament to take home. How many types of wood can you find along the trail?

All programs on this page take place at Lost Lake Nature Park. The park is located in Oakland Township so it is close by for everyone! The park is just West of Rochester Rd off of Predmore:   846 Lost Lake Trail

*alternate dates when those fall on Federal Holidays




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