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Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve is a 501(c)(3) non-profit institution the encompasses 16 acres of land located in the heart of Rochester, MI. The preserve offers environmental education to residents through programs and classes, both on site and in the classroom, and are the stewards of the land under their leadership. 

The preserve trails are open to the public daily from dusk until dawn and are free to experience. We do ask that visitors remain on the designated trails as to not disturb the natural progress of nature. 

The nature center is open to the public as well. Please be sure to check our hours as holidays, special events, and programs can alter open hours. Currently our office hours are 9am - 3pm Tuesday through Friday. The trails are open 7 days a week, sun up to sun down.

What we offer

Dinosaur Hill serves up fun for All Ages!

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve features field trips, programs, and activities for individuals of all ages including popular preschool programs and weekend family programs.  We see folks from age 2 to 102 - really!        

Ecological Significance

Dinosaur Hill is also geographically unique. Lying in the flood plain of the Paint Creek we have a variety of habitats which play host to an impressive variety of mammals, birds, insects and plant life. Several years ago, Dinosaur Hill contracted a professional floristic quality assessment for the property which returned the findings that the property was one of statewide significance due to the types and diversity of plants found here. Our proximity to the Paint Creek Trail represents a significant green corridor both for the movement of wildlife and for the enjoyment of nature enthusiasts. A preserve of this size located in the middle of such a developed city is truly special and one of the things that makes Rochester such a wonderful place to live.




333 North Hill Circle

Rochester, MI



Nature Trail

Open daily dawn until dusk    


Offices/Indoor Nature Center

Summer Hours


9am - 3pm  




(248) 656-0999







Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit institution.  

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve (DHNP) is a preserve situated on sixteen acres of land nestled in the neighborhoods of Rochester, MI.

DHNP offers walking trails that are free to the public and offers affordable educational classes for various age groups , maintains the grounds of the land under its stewardship, and works to keep the wonders of nature accessible to the people of the Greater Rochester Area.  

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