Why is it called Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve?

Great question! When the neighborhoods around Dinosaur Hill were being developed extra dirt, that was dug out during basement excavations, was piled up in one area creating a hill. Local children who played on the hill dubbed it "Dinosaur Hill" because of its resemblance to a sleeping dinosaur. When the nature preserve was established the name stuck and Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve was born.

Does it cost to walk the preserve?

There is NO cost to walk the preserve. The trails are free to walk and for you to take in the wonders of nature. All we ask is that visitors remain on designated trails and not to disturb local inhabitants to the area (i.e. deer, ducks, etc.)

Where can we park?

Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve is nestled within the Rochester, MI neighborhoods. Because of that our official parking spots are limited. But, you are perfectly fine parking curbside, like you would in any neighborhood, and enjoy the preserve.

When is the Nature Center open?

Our current summer office hours are 9am - 3pm Tuesday through Friday. The trails are open 7 days a week, sun up to sun down.

STIll have questions?

Contact us at 


Office: (248) 656-0999

333 North Hill Circle
Rochester, MI 48307

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