Dinosaur Hill has teamed up with two wonderful organizations to help us raise money.

Amazon Smile and Goodsearch

How does it work?

Amazon Smile:

Instead of shopping at Amazon.com, you would use this link: http://smile.amazon.com  choose Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve as the organization to benefit, and do your shopping as you normally would.  Amazon Smile donates money to us based upon sales.  You do not pay anything extra! 


Preserve Dinosaur Hill by Shopping at Goodshop.com

Not many cities have a preserve like Dinosaur Hill in the middle of a developed area.  Thanks for our supporters over the years, we have raised funds to build a bridge across the creek, a small nature center, relocate an historic log cabin and small offices.

The work and expenses involved in keeping the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve never end, so we’re always excited when we find a program such as Goodshop.com which is designed to donate money to Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve, and at no cost to our patrons!

Every time you shop at any of over 4,000 retailers online, Goodshop.com you could be donating a percentage of what you spend to Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve.  These donations will help us continue to provide community educational enrichment and field trips for school groups. 

The huge range of retailers covers ever shopping need!  More than likely, you will find most if not all of your favorite retailers through Goodshop.

Not only does the preserve benefit from our partnership with Goodshop.com, but our patrons do as well. With each retailer, you have the opportunity to save money through coupons, deals and promotions, all while earning donations for Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve.  

Sign up at Goodshop and designate Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve as your non-profit and shop, shop, shop!   Even if you only make a few purchases online each year, every penny helps.  Even small amount can go towards purchasing items on our Wish List,  such as ice fishing equipment, crafting supplies, and tree trimming tools.

Remember, all of the donations resulting from your purchases will help us preserve (pun intended) the Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve for current and future generations.  Now go online and signup at Goodshop.com!


Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve Inc


Goodsearch: You Search...We Give!


Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  

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